D you believe in Myths

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Let me begin by saying that myths are real. I don’t know about the bogey man , but let me assure you that pirates are real.
They plunder , they are swift and Yes they make you remember your maker
If its seems like the beginning of a B grade movie script yes, you are rite.

There, was our ship anchored somewhere near Singapore – The lights of Singapore could be seen blazing away on a Sunday night .
Singapore partied and so did we along with her.

We were all in high mood, having just made out of a storm off the east cost.

The party went on till wee hours( past midnight-a rarity in a tanker Of course).
The crew were asked to wind down after 12pm by the top two and then the ship became silent.

At 2 pm, there was this sudden siren, ALERT.. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.. PIRACY ATTACK. REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Before my jumbled brains could process the information, i could hear running feet and alleyway doors being shut. As part of emergency drill procedure, i rushed to the bridge with my life-jacket. The bridge doors we secured after my entry and so was the engine room doors.

We waited with full flood lights.. for the pirates.The ship was searched from top to bottom and all cabins we declared unfit. The coast guard from Malaysia and Singapore were alerted.
Slowly news tricked in,–The pirates had escaped – They had stuck on the mother ship and tied down duty the engineers and made of millions in goods.

Their speedboats were roaring away in the distance… when we heard the roar of the coastguards ships and search helicopters.
Yes we were safe, but for how long.
We were anchored and no chance of moving away till the operations were finished which was 24 hours away.

We were all questioned on what we saw and when the noon sun was blazing upon us, i was allowed to go back to my cabin, A slumber which still is awakened by the sound of the guns blazing away.
Yes myths are real and when we meet one, we realize why we prefer to have myths!!


Ayodhya Verdict


“Whose land is it anyway”

According to media this is the reason behind the Ayodhya mess and i was going like.. huh.. what a waste of taxpayers money on this stupid question.

Is anyone of us even concerned about it.

India seems to be preoccupied with this question everywhere

You have a Kashmir, an Arunachal Pradesh , Bangladesh and also parts of Nepal and consequently into Tibet also.

Thank goodness there are water bodies on the other sides,or else we would be swamped with land contention everywhere.

I think Australia and Africa should join the bandwagon too– Once upon a time –long long ago that it was so long ago–ahem–we were all one gaint land mass.. right !!!

Now that Ayodhya is been resolved(sic) lets claim .. well .. Greece, Jerusalem , Singapore ….. as our own.. take your pick.. the more the merrier.
Any takers?

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