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My query is.. why cannot India have this corporate challenge where instead of all this big boss, master chef, dancing stuff and what nots.. they can give a street to one individual and hope that they can transform it.
Compared to the number of such reality shows and the number of contestants in all those languages and all that channels, it will not be a huge task..
The permutation combination will be mind blogging.


The fairness industry

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Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of us all…..

Iam sure that the mirror would be sooo happy to see its tag line been taken very seriously by all the ” fairer(sic) sex.

I was in china and there, they were occupying shelfs galore and then in Singapore, it was the same stuff -Korea didn’t disappoint me of course!

I was like.. okay ! now let me move on to Australia.. Man were they there too.

Full aisles filled up with fairness creams, lotions, face wash, body wash , body scrub, face scrub, hand scrub, feet scrub .. phew and what nots..

A ,god knows how much, forsaken, dollar industry and still women all over want to get fair and then get tanned and the cycle goes one.

All men out there you don’t need to smirk.. you aren’t far behind too…. You have your own aisles now. Lucky aren’t you !.

My question is will the mirror now include them also in the answer ?

Ayodhya Verdict


“Whose land is it anyway”

According to media this is the reason behind the Ayodhya mess and i was going like.. huh.. what a waste of taxpayers money on this stupid question.

Is anyone of us even concerned about it.

India seems to be preoccupied with this question everywhere

You have a Kashmir, an Arunachal Pradesh , Bangladesh and also parts of Nepal and consequently into Tibet also.

Thank goodness there are water bodies on the other sides,or else we would be swamped with land contention everywhere.

I think Australia and Africa should join the bandwagon too– Once upon a time –long long ago that it was so long ago–ahem–we were all one gaint land mass.. right !!!

Now that Ayodhya is been resolved(sic) lets claim .. well .. Greece, Jerusalem , Singapore ….. as our own.. take your pick.. the more the merrier.
Any takers?

my travels

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I had recently visited china… charming place or should i say charming facade.
Smart roads, clean buildings, landscape worth writing home about and almost zilch crowds…..
It was ordered and in line…..
Wish that INDIA could shop at the same shop and order everything online….

A line

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The Chevrolet cars which i see on the road now seem to be having a better designed A line than the desi one which i own.
To be frank, i would say that its lines are better than the honda’s.
Wish that my sedan gave me a clear A line.
They are important , trust me!!!
Its been a hardship for me with my sedan to try to see over the line whenever i turn, and many-a time when i don’t too!
Wish that i can get that perfect car, the Chevrolet hatchback design on a sedan with the desi hardness and the honda lines and that electric engine thrown in within a million …
If …

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