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The year 2010 iam naming as my year of travel.,Let me begin with china— ningbo. city. near to shanghai . My expectation of china was well a combination of cambodia and singapore and india., There was this huge population right,,,My first question on arrival was .. where are the millions supposed to be living here….Either they are all at shanghai or hidden away somewhere behind those landscapes. Ningbo is a port city and largely catering to container traffic….so was expecting like bad roads, crowded places and what not.. What did i get.. landscapes.. huge 6 lanes and beautiful roads.. This fixation about roads might be an indian phenomenon.. well i didnt find the roads to be great even on the Marseilles stretch from martigues.. The vast open spaces were a city in the making. The chinese, i would say , have got the right order of doing things… they make the city and the roads and the shops and schools and basic facilities and then bring people on to live there,,,,Makes sense right.. We here at mumbai are still waiting for even the basic facilities.
I did see quaint huts as in those old chinese pictures… but a totally westernized approach by the younger generation was well shocking. people say that the chinese look alike,, i would say aye.. they do.. in the way they are all attired alike.. I could see only shorts and miniskirts and spaghettis… I needed to check my perspectives.. That was the first day ofcourse….The rest follows…



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Back in india after a along hiatus yes.The whole year of 2010 (almost) spent in traveling. People say that travel is good and great. Mine are a testament to those words. From piracy attacks, to volcanoes,to strolling at opera house till midnight and missing the ferry back to being in a storm to causing a storm !!!
Its been a month since i have been back but glued to the tv with the world cup. 2mrw we are going to get the cup back (hopefully) and so i can start my blog on my travels .. i hope.

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