I really loved this piece in todays times (November 10th ) by pritish nandy, which blasted the press for being anti obama and henceforth we Indians become cribbers!!
He was quite eloquent in voicing his displeasure over the whole press (they can be qualified )community.
But does the sentiments expressed by people whose “paratha’s and home loan emi’s” depend on sensational “news” be even taken seriously?
It will be like taking a salesman to his word,considering windows as the best OS and the US as manna on earth.
If all of the above are True,then, Yes we Indians are cribbers by nature and Yes all those people “writing for a living” should be treated seriously.
Mr. Pritish Nandy, Iam sure that the so called news hounds would have got a hard -on by reading your article,imagine being taken seriously by the thinking public !!!