How does one interpret the sentence”We are giving you the whole stuff, We recognize you as a nation, We …do this.. We do that…blah blah”
This just makes my ego go like.. “Who the hell are you to give me these things..”
Am i wrong ? Is it not the right of every individual to be what they want to be. Yes i compromise with my government , with my people, at my work place, but thats all due to reasons of my own creation!!
The people who have the right to question you, or even “use a we in your context ” should be your parents the people who own you , if we are technically right.
I am sure that there would have been many Palestinians whose blood would have boiled at those words.
Iam NOT talking here about the who’s and what’s and why … Iam talking here only about the attitude.
Yes Mr. Dore Gold,am sure you are willing to negotiate, but please come back when you resolved this ” we ” in the picture!!!