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Gifts have become an issue now. Iam not very sure whether they should be things which we like or we dont like. i appreciate the thought behind it yes, but should i also appreciate the thing which it is.
I think that the hardest part is not receiving but giving.. How do i know that my thinking is in tandem with theirs.
Every human is different and me more eccentric then others… my idea of a gift is a sure shot way of cleaving people away.
So should i or shouldnt i … Iam still clueless but i plough on through all those strange looks and bemused stares when someone receives my gift.


Traversty of Religion

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I have religion now.
I probably had faith till now but religion figured lower on the totem.
The only dilemma now is what religion.
The mainstream ones leave me confused about the difference between them.
The same parallels and also the same characters.. good, bad .
Iam okay with a character in between.
Gray is fine.
Guess i need to keep on searching.
Do ping me , if anyone knows of it.
Amen as they say.

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