Poor Earth

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Eureka – There’s water on the moon -Great News i would say, But the catch…No earth !!!
In just 150 years of the industrial revolution man has simplemindedly tried to destroy our planet and would have succeeded too, but for warning thoughts of having only one earth..

Now with an other world and realm to capture and pollute., aim sure that all our greedy industries will just rape her bare.

Water on the moon is a severe setback to save the earth movement.
Iam a cynic Yes !
and looking forward to get argued out of my corner!!




Iam convinced about cosmic humour
The best instance:
Bargaining with the roadside vendor!!!
Thats a way of life but as a statement- filled with irony at its best.
Seated in an almost empty arrivals lounge on a sunday, avidly following the relative wealths of cricketers with each other on the latest LCD, suddenly joined by the security guards….
Reason a news flash talking about the Chinese intrusion(pun intended)…..
The guards area started buzzing with the implications on their life…..leave cancels, long shifts..etc
The news of course was delegated to a ticker immediately as there was of course the need to flash that dhoni earned some obscene crores in last year as compared to sachin……
Irony here…..
Iam sure that there are laughter clubs in thereafter…haha

Life , fame

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Lets talk about life and fame and perspectives.
Instance the recent chopper accident in Andhra Pradesh..
Yes it was tragic..not the manner and mode of death but the relative obscurity covering almost everyone dead..
Did they die in the same circumstance as the minister.. yes
Did they leave families behind.. yes
Were they liked by scores of other people.. iam sure its a yes.. but why mention it all….they are obscure..
Their death is not news as compared to the death of a chief minister..
They might have died in the same way but sure did not live the same way !!! Amen!

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