Nepal…Tibet…China…Two steps away

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The recent Nepal crisis has almost got hidden in the fracas of the elections 2009.
Its always been “Pakistan this and Pakistan that “for us Indians while the benign but rapidly spreading Nepal and the north-east crisis has been easily overlooked.
Lets look at it this way.
If Nepal falls or goes under pro- Chinese military rule – there goes India -china bhai bhai.
Its time we started thinking of the real danger here. Delhi has always kept the Tibetan crisis under warps not commenting much on it.. No action being the best action seems to be rather a strategic mistake here
Guess …
Its time we started practicing NI Hao rather than saying Greetings.


No good deed goes unpunished

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I believe in this edict.
The instances are numerous, but the results are all the same.
It can be something as simple as giving a lift and getting late subsequently or having an attack of so called ethics and loosing goodwill of your contacts.
But do i live and learn. Nopes i think.
Heap it on i say.

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