Morals and ethics

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Iam in a quandary now.
My moral and ethical values are being threatened now.
I have this situation:
In a regular office meeting, a young fresher in sales is being insulted over an uncalled for “duty” of not reading the daily papers.
Words amounting to personal and physical insults are heaped on her.
The ethical part in me questions why as a women i did not stand up for another women,
Am i morally not obliged to say that the line was crossed.
How can i keep quiet.
Am i being afraid to standup like everyone.
Is it the sign of times to come that we see a person being insulted and feign indifference to them.
All i can do is say that iam a coward .Will i do the same if it had happened to me.
Is it ethically right to serve in a dead organisation where in a room of 15+ of women and men, a gal gets insulted for no fault of hers and not a single voice is raised against it .
I feel that i should read a rosary for my dead soul ,Amen,

Anyone who thinks otherwise,you can lynch me,.



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The G20 is all wrapped up and all that people comment is on the ” touch”.
I don’t know if its a goof up or not but i do know that people are not concentrating on the bigger goof here -the trillion dollar bail out package.
As goof -ups go, lets celebrate all that money going down the drain literally.
As everyone i also have some thoughts on how to spend those billions
1) They can just transfer 2 of it to me
2) I will just buy a Porsche 911 for 1 of it and then save the rest for the petrol.
That’s prudent spending.I could have asked for the cayenne or any of those billion dollar beauties.. but i am sure about what i want.
But will the leaders listen.
When they didn’t listen till now to the public, will they start now.
Iam anyways standing in the queue , in case they do listen.You never know .

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