i cant diet coz iam an indian

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Its true , I tried it , inspired by the story of the woman who lost weight by surviving on only 1$a day.
now if i had 50 rupees a day, i would have samosas,vadapavs, sevpuris,cutting tea , coffee, roti, vegetables and still have some change for dessert.
How can i diet .. i wail.
My attention then shifted to kachoris,dhokla’s ,jalebis, parathas, idli’s, dosa’s, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas .
All under 50 rupess again.
How can i diet.Iam sure that the lady who lived on 1 $ a month was not indian.
Its now become a patriotic issue …be an Indian or diet.
Jai ho…


Madoff is a honorable man

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Yes, he has collected money for the purpose of investing in stocks.
But the stock market has fallen down now right, so he has actually saved u from losing there.

Yes, you have lost it all now but thats besides the point now.

Yes, he claimed that he will give you results.
He has done it mate !!
You may argue, that it was your, capital funding it, but that’s not what you asked for.

Yes, he has charged brokerage for non-existent trades, but you have left him with no option right.
You wanted him to invest in the markets and even though he has been safe guarding your money, he has to satisfy your appetite for adventure and risk.

Yes, he had to project high returns but it was all because You are not happy with debt instruments, treasury bills and the word safety.

When your lust for money converts into greed and your pride wants you to get envied by all for your “great returns”, and were lazy enough to not to check whats happening with your money and now show wrath………
There is all your seven sins and no redemption in sight.
Madoff is a honorable man !!


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Is it democracy to vote.Yep
Is it democracy to compel people to vote..varying degrees of yep
Is it democracy to make it mandatory for companies to make people register for voting.Nopes
I guess with recession in and attrition out and recruiting in the dumps, HR now have to have some semblance of work to do.
The things we do to feed our habits

Heat and Obama

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Its hot here. Sweltering hot. Summer is not in still, but looks as if, its going to be a full blown one this year

Heat reminds me of obama now.
Its a three tinged circus out there – Should he do this or shouldn’t he or did he do it right or not .. so on.
Bush jr.. was lucky …people stopped second-guessing his actions long ago.

To prevent this excessive assault of “obamamania”, my sincere wishes are that he screws up.

The poor guy is being in my blog too………scoot out man..take a break …..screw up…it will take the heat of your back ..Trust me.
Now coming back to the heat in my living room…..iam adding to the hole up there in the ozone by switching on the a.c
Iam sure that the environmentalists are googling this .

The silk route

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I want to blog. write something.Nimen wo da,
Peace – Dalai lama- Tibet- China.
See its the same always. Is it a small world ?
China is the key but the puzzle is still pending.
Tentacles or opportunities.
Boundaries or Borders
The new silk route
Lets think or is it in short supply.

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