Religion -I have it

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Reading about the curry king yesterday.
The curious incident of the queen addressing him by ” sir and first name” hugely satisfied my funny bone.
I have always had this conviction against the “sir and ma’am” salutations.
Being reasonable(huh), i justify it by remarking ” You have been not knighted by the queen ”
You want to be called sir/ otherwise, earn it .Period .
This could be a natural rebel against sovereignty or could be just a basic affinity to be a cynic.
But will this conviction get me far …nope and definitely not when i think it as my idiosyncrasy.
As they say “Here Iam ………..lynch me “.


Of recession, pink slips and office politics

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Thinking about how recession and pink slips viz. course work politics.
Let me take a poll are they interrelated:You betcha it is.
Let me share this :
Classic situation: gr8 employee working ass off on work – work is guru and religion and pretty much life.
One fine day gets sacked coz management is cost cutting
End result : Four people doing the job : two appointed and two delegated.
Now is that
a) recession
b) politics.
I think that the greatest harmer now is politics and not the recession.
The poor thing can at least be “vanished” while office politics..ahem….is there to stay buddy.

When Genius Failed

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Reading through the book “when genius failed” .
The operative word here is reading of course.The book is racy enough to be considered fiction.
Cant beleive that people did it and got away with it and still do it.
Trust me , if you don’t know what “it” is its no use explaining “it”.
Iam planning to pick up lairs poker next.More on “it “later

God and his weakness

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People always amaze me.They still have the capacity to get a smile out of  me.

Regardless of how far you reach in your professional life you still are wowed by “yes men”

Iam looking at these options here( the three P’s)

1 ) People are blind

2) Pretend to be blind

3) Plain stupid

I know that plain stupid does not quite fall into the category of blind.but cldnt resist adding it of course.

Is it human nature or being human.

God also has his weakness right…

Shareholding pattern

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Browsing through the shareholding patterns of major companies stumbled upon this fact that major shares of the sensex(top30) are held in major force by the life insurance corporation of india.

In a sense the major force behind them ,other than the mutual funds, FII’s is ONE insurance company.

There was also this curious case of the ONGC having the most number of shares of gail india , with iocl coming in second highest , viceversa in ONGC of course. .

Now, all this means is that i just invest in lic insurance when and if it gets listed and iam made for life.

Yes,i know if wishes were horses.


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Thinking about the latest credit situation got me

sucked into a loop.

Its become a case of who came first –

outsourcing or the demand

of better and uniform wages .

Would India seen this growth if there had been

no cheap educated labour abundant ?

While china concentrated on capturing the

cheap good award, we got the cheap intellectual labour part.

Will someone please get up and give us the oscars

Chevrolet cars

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The huge discounts available on Gm cars seems to be working the magic for them.
Iam finding Aveo’s and Optra’s littering the road now.
The ratio of ten random samples – there’ presence of at least 4- 5 suzuki’s with one swift in them and the remaining being the honda city, next two and the remaining toss between a hyundai santro / accent / fordikon. In this last space u have the chevrolet making a presence too.
This inspite of the huge losses and imminent bankruptcy.
I would say that theres the huge market in the hatchback segment for small cars.
But cannot understand why theres a need for two cars competing there -spark and u-va.
Each to ones own.

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